Hi Orlando 👋

#truelove in @madi_apparel intimates. Feeling #confident :) @jordangrace3

Playing around with my hollow back. :) #Artsyfartsy #lotus 📷 @taylorgatehouse


Photo by Christian Florin


The farthest my body will allow me to go in kapotasana- king pigeon pose. Determined to keep on practicing 💜

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QuestionBut if they are not vegan, they aren't going to be healthy. Whatever your choice to teach your kids to keep destroying the planet and kill other animals and their own health I guess... Answer

Lol. Ok. Well you can always have your own kids and life.. I’m glad you’re so worried about my unborn children’s and the animal’s far far future.. Thank you.

Today was so beautiful. My favorite way to practice is at the beach when it’s windy. Everything around you is moving.. The clouds, the sand, the plants, the ocean… Literally everything in your presence is moving, except you. 💕🙏

My practice place this evening 😍💕 #yoga #beach

#headstand #variation

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Questionwould you raise your children as vegetarians / vegans then? Answer

No just healthy