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Love being upside down

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QuestionLol at that anon. Being vegan does not mean you are healthy. Being vegetarian does not make you unhealthy. You could be a meat eater and still eat really healthy. It honestly depends on your intake. I'm a vegan but that doesn't mean I automatically eat healthier than some. Don't worry about your kids! Looking at you, I have a feeling they will be healthy no matter what. Answer


Life always works itself out. 💕

"Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall."

My break from studying ⚡️

Life’s been a little sideways lately. Finals week= 😷😵

The best drinks I’ve ever had. #speakeasy

Hi Orlando 👋

#truelove in @madi_apparel intimates. Feeling #confident :) @jordangrace3